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2024 Titan

The Titan signifies our first completely designed, engineered, and built fat bike completely built in the USA. Offering unmatched floatation with its massive 4.5" fat tires, this bike will take you over any terrain and up the steepest slopes! With up to 2000W of power, quality components, and a highly refined frame geometry, you will not find a better quality or performing fat e-bike at this price!

2024 Titan

Made in the USA Performance Fat Bike

Speed: 20-34 MPH*         Range: 25-80 Miles*         Power: 750W-2000W*

High Performance Fat Bike

The Titan is proudly engineered and hand built from scratch in the USA. The high performance 6061-T6 frame is proudly mitered, hand welded (TIG), heat treated and powder coated in California. Featuring a robust mid drive with 750W, 1500W or 2000W output, this bike is engineered to take you places a normal electric bike can only dream of. With an RST 120mm travel front air suspension paired with extra wide 4.5" fat tires, the Titan can take you over any type of terrain! Featuring high quality components throughout and the ability to have torque sensing pedal assist AND standalone throttle, this bike is truly unique in the industry!

The Titan offers riders more floatation over loose terrain such as mud, sand or snow since the fat tires have a much larger surface area than normal tires. On top of that, many riders prefer the extra traction and tractability these larger tires offer as it gives the rider much more confidence. The extra traction is a huge asset off-road, and Titan is a staple of hunters, adventurers, off road enthusiast and urban commuters who need a robust bike to bring them to their destination.

Want to learn more about the Titan? Learn more about the Titan's exciting features, components, and different options!

What's New for 2024?

+ New top tube to improve overall riding experience, stand over height, and comfort

+ Upgraded air suspension is lighter and more tuneable than previous coil fork

+ Revised programming for better power delivery

+ Upgraded component package

+ New LG M50LT cells deliver up to 3 x the charge cycles

+ New standard military green color option

Learn About Titan Options / Upgrades

Accordion 1

Frame Size: Choosing the right frame size is an important aspect of bike riding. These frame recommendations are general guidelines. Note: Frame sizing is not as important for e-bikes compared to standard pedal bikes so get a frame you feel comfortable with!

Medium (17")

Medium Frame: For riders ~5'4"-5'8", inseam ~29"

Large (19")

Large Frame: For riders ~5'8"-6'1", inseam ~32"

Xtra Large (21")

Xtra Large Frame: For riders ~6'2"+, inseam ~34"

Color Option: We offer 4 standard colors (see below). If you want something custom, we offer the ability to choose ANY color you want for your Revolution as well as the ability to powder coat your rims to match.  

Standard (+$0)

Choose either Orange, Gloss White, or Matte Black

Stage 2 Color ($300)

Choose ANY color of your choice (single stage, two stage and candy colors). Pick your color here: Prismatic Powders 

Power Level: The base power level is 750W. You can upgrade to the 1500W or even 2000W for more power, speed, and torque. Just make sure you hold on tight!


The 750W system is the most powerful US legal e-bike system. You will not find a more powerful or capable motor system! Can choose between Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3 configuration.


The 1500W system offers nearly double the power of the 750W system. It increases your hill climbing power and top speed (private property). Note: This can always be configured back to a class 2 bike when riding on public roads

2000W (+1000)

The 2000W system increases power and torque from the 1500W system by 25%. It is a very noticeable increase in hill climbing power and a small bump in top speed (private property). Note: This can always be configured back to a class 2 bike when riding on public roads (most popular option)

Battery: Choose the battery that suits your riding needs. If you are riding hills or off-road, your range will be less than quoted. Quoted range is in ideal conditions (170lb rider, paved road, 20mph, throttle only). In the level 1 pedal assist, you can nearly triple your range!


48V, 596Wh, 28 mile range. Perfect for those who do not require a lot of range

14AH (+$200)

48V, 673Wh, 30 mile range, +1% extra power. Great blend of size and capacity.

17.5AH (+$500)

48V, 840Wh, 40 mile range, +2% extra power. Maximum range capacity in a lockable hard case for ultimate e-bike experience!

80 Mile (+$1500)

48V, 1680, 80+ mile range, +3% extra power. Maximum range capacity. Never worry about running out of battery! Note: Requires frame bag!

Charger: Choose the charger that suits your needs. The more powerful charger will charge your battery faster for less down time. For those wanting to keep their battery system to stay healthy longest, we recommend the Satiator upgrade.


Power: 2A. Charge time: ~6 hours (from 5% to 100%)

4A (+100)

Power: 4A. Charge time: ~4 hours (from 5% to 100%). Most popular upgrade

6A (+$250)

Power: 6A. Charge time: ~2.5 hours (from 5% to 100%). Ideal for those who want the shortest charge time.

Satiator (+$300)

Power: 5A. Charge time: ~2.5 hours (from 5% to 100%). The Satiator is a remarkable charger that will make your battery stay healthy for longer. With very specific charging algorithms and the ability to float charge, your battery will stay in balance longer. This will increase your overall range and longevity of the pack

Lighting System: If you will be riding your bike at dark and if safety is the utmost importance, we highly recommend a quality lightning system. All of our headlights feature 3 power modes (low, medium, high) as well as a strobe function. The included Thunderbolt rear light is extremely bright to be sure you are seen at night! You will not find a brighter light!

2500 Lumen (+$250)

Great choice for commuters or those occasionally riding at night. This is a super compact headlight that has surprising light output

4000 Lumen (+$250)

Great choice for commuters who want ultimate visibility or those ride high speed at night (on or off road). This headlight has the highest light output and longest battery life.

Dropper: We offer a DVO Garnett dropper option. This is great to adjust seating position on the fly to keep you in the perfect condition on climbs/descents.

Dropper (+$400)

Designed by riders for riders, the DVO Garnet Dropper was developed with reliability and performance at the top of the list. The DVO Garnet Dropper is clean, simple, elegant, and just plain works.

Specification Sheet (Click to View)

Warranty (Click to View)

Revolution Warranty:

3 Year (limited): Motor, Controller, Throttle, Battery, Charger, Display

Frame: 5 Year (limited)

Components: Follow Original Manufacture Warranty

For further details, please look at the HPC Terms and Conditions


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