Part Bicycle. Part Motor. Totally INSANE!


The Typhoon takes the off road capability of e-bikes to a whole new universe. With a more powerful motor system, high torque gearing, and performance tuned suspension, this is the most capable e-bike ever! Go off road in total silence, day or night. With a massive 190lb/ft of torque, you might need to be strapped to the bike to hold on! Think of the Typhoon as taking the best aspects of a bike and blending it with the best aspects of a dirt bike!

All American Rocketship


The Revolution is a high performance, downhill electric bike ready for anything you throw at it! The Revolution is our halo product here at HPC and we cannot be more proud of what we were able to accomplish with this bike. For starters, this bike has been designed, engineered, hand welded, and assembled in the USA! With high end components, 6061 aluminum and carbon fiber body and robust electric system, this bike sets itself miles apart from the competition! Offering blistering performance over 60 mph and over 100 miles of range, the Revolution sets the performance standard which all other bikes are measured by.