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Revolution XX
Revolution XX
Revolution XX
Revolution XX
Revolution XX
Revolution XX
Revolution XX
Revolution XX
Revolution XX
Revolution XX

Revolution XX

The Revolution XX is a one of a kind Super E-Bike and is the fastest electric bike HPC has ever produced in its 14 year history. Performance is extraordinary and far beyond anything we previously thought possible.

Limited Edition: 20 UNITS made, SOLD OUT.

Top speed is officially listed at 70+ MPH, and not only that, the operator can physically pedal along at that speed due to a Schlumpf High Speed Drive custom made with a 38T/95T equivalent planetary geared chainring. We recently took this beast of a bike to El Mirage Dry Lake Bed to confirm its blistering performance. Our test rider was able to achieve an unbelievable 74 MPH on radar (73.7 MPH GPS) on a perfectly flat, dry lake surface. We believe this is the fastest E-Bike ever produced that has useable pedals at top seed.

Factory Tuned Suspension

The Revolution XX comes standard with a factory tuned 203mm travel DVO Onyx DC1 Fork while the factory tuned rear DVO Jade coil offers over 9" of frame travel! Each Fork and Shock are individually factory tuned to the kinematics of the XX frame and the rider's weight for a ride that is second to none.

World Class Brakes

On the braking front, we are proud to introduce the strongest brakes we have ever offered on a production ebike. The all new Magura MT7e with 220mm MDR-P rotors provide long lasting stopping power and are a huge leap in performance over previous generation rotors. Two piece dovetail interlink technology allows for more stopping power and much improved heat dissipation.

Heavy Duty Tires

Tires on the XX are unique ultra strong 24" x 3.0" wide hybrid moped tires with an ultra thick casing. These tires weigh nearly 3 lbs each and are much thicker than any traditional e-bike tire.

Windscreen (Optional)

At really high speeds, wind resistance gets harder and harder to breach, so we fitted the Revolution XX with a one of a kind MRA Stealth windscreen to gain those precious extra few MPH on the top end.

Special Carbon

All new Carbon/Kevlar side panels are still proudly made by hand in the USA, but on the XX they exlpode a special green color in certain sunlight conditions to tie in the Green front DVO Onyx DC1 fork. Normally it looks like a typical carbon panel with just a small hint of green.

FOC/Sine Wave Controller

Also a first on an HPC product is an all new FOC/Sine Wave controller outputting an unheard of 10,000W watts or 13.4 hp! This not only makes the Revolution XX the fastest bike we have ever produced, but also the most powerful.

All New Battery System

The USA made battery system had to be reimagined in order to produce the massive current the Revolution XX requires. All welds and traces are more robust, we custom made a 150A BMS (battery management system) and we use Sony VTC6 ultra high drain cells in a 23S8P configuration. This allows for nearly 100 mile range, and tremendous instantaneous bursts of power.

One of a Kind Motor

The new Revolution XX sports a special one of a kind motor based of the Revolution motor launched just 6 short months ago. This motor features a custom 2T winding that has much thicker copper windings than other motors, and allows for the highest RPM/V we have ever produced. This motor will spin its 24" x 3.0" tires at an unbelievable unloaded speed of 102 MPH.

All of the above are unique to the XX, and above and beyond the normal Revolution X. We sought to make the XX well priced for all the extras you are getting with it. Cost comes out to be $400 more than a maxxed out Revolution X. Well worth it for all the extras you get with it, plus the exclusivity of a model we are only making 20 units of. Expect prices of these units to stay very high on the secondary market once they are sold out.

*Off road mode must be enabled on private property or where legal, Bike will ship fully compliant with Class 2 laws (750W/20 mph)

Revolution Warranty:

Motor: 3 Year (limited)

Controller: 3 Year (limited)

Throttle: 3 Year (limited)

Battery: 3 Year (limited)

Charger: 3 Year (limited)

Display: 3 Year (limited)

Frame: 5 Year (limited)

Components: Follow Original Manufacture Warranty

For further details, please look at the HPC Terms and Conditions

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