NEW Supermarche 2000W High Performance Front Loading Cargo Bike w/ 300+lb Load Capacity

Weight: 88.00 LBS
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Shipping Cost: $295.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Forget what you think you know about front loading Cargo Bikes or bakfiets; this Front Loader is like no other. Specifically designed for active parents and small business owners on the go with a low step through frame design, adjustable cockpit and ultra smooth steering. It’s easy to ride from the first turn of the pedal and sturdy enough to stand up to your busy lifestyle.  Now you can literally bring everything AND the kitchen sink. We have taken the Supermarche to another level by adding a custom high torque 2000W Striker motor system with an all new bluetooth enabled Sine Wave controller.  This cargo bike performs as good as it looks! With a USA made 48V 17.5ah battery, you can travel up to 35+ miles in throttle only mode. The front loader box features a bamboo box to haul up to 220lb of goods while the rear rack on the bike is rated for 80lbs making this the perfect bike to for personal and business use.

Steers Like Butter

We think that sums it up perfectly. We replaced that clunky steering arm you see on other front loading Cargo Bikes with more practical, rider friendly cable steering design. The dual cable steering, extra low front cargo rack and 90 degree steering radius adds up to a powerful cargo hauling machine that steers like butter and turns heads everywhere.

  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Fork: Chromoly
  • Carries long, bulky and tall cargo
  • 220lbs/100kg payload or 2.0 cbm
  • Haul the family, make delivery, go to the Supermarket
  • Easy to configure with Yuba Add-Ons
  • REAL PAYLOAD: 220 lbs Front & 80 lbs Rear
  • GEARING: 21 Speed
  • WEIGHT: 85 lbs / 27 kg
  • BIKE LENGTH: 8’2″ / 252 cm



Motor System: 2000W Striker High Torque Hub Drive

Battery: USA Made 48V 17.5AH

Powder Coat: Matte Black


Performance Specifications:

Speed: 20mph

Range: 35+ miles



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