NEW! 3000W SUPERMUNDO Cargo bike

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Great opportunity for a brand new Supermundo.  Deal fell through with customer, so we are selling on his behalf! This particular version is our most powerful 3000W version at 63V.  


63V 15ah 945Wh USA made battery system

4A charger upgrade

range: up to 45+ miles

speed: up to 35 mph

Originally Cost: $5,600.  NOW $4,900!



2018 HPC SuperMundo

Introducing the HPC SuperMundo. This is a new and exciting offering from HPC that is astounding in its breadth of capabilities.  Part heavy duty cargo hauler, part long range cross-country cruiser, and 100% awesome, the HPC SuperMundo is a cutting edge machine that will take you and your cargo on the journey of a lifetime.  With a carrying capacity of over 700 pounds (including rider), the possibilities are literally endless. You can carry adults, children, haul extra bikes, camping gear, folding solar panels... you are only limited by your imagination!

The SuperMundo is the first bike produced by HPC that comes standard with a ULTRA Heavy Duty HPC M-Drive.  This extremely robust system allows our highly efficient and monstrously powerful hub motors to be used as a mid drive! This allows you to use the gearing of the bike to your advantage so you can get extreme hill climbing capability and blistering top speed in one system.  Have hill conquering torque in low gear (and we MEAN hill conquering torque- see video below!) and fast top speeds in high gear!

A very important and unique feature of our M-Drive system is that it has multiple freewheels built in, allowing for pedaling without the drag of the motor, and full freewheeling when the motor is engaged so your pedals don’t move. Of course, you can combine pedaling and motor power at the same time to multiply your power output. With over 30 hours of shop time machining the specialized mounts and building each SuperMundo, each creation is truly a one of a kind piece of machinery that we take great pride in building!

The HPC SuperMundo is primed and ready for work, life, fun and adventure!

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