Hub Motor Conversion Kits

At HPC, we made a name for ourselves with our hub motor systems that broke the stigma of a slow and un-refined electric bike. As time has passed, we have morphed our system into what it is today using not only the best materials and components, but performance and quality that is second to none! These are the best performing and most efficient systems you can buy.

We offer three different winds to suit all of your riding needs:

Our Striker High Torque Motors deliver the best acceleration and hill climbing. The Thunderbolt motors are the most popular as they are a do-it-all type motor that does pretty much everything well.  Finally, if you are into speed, the black lightning motor is focused on speed but can still handle some light hill climbing.

Worried about being street legal in your city/state/country? Have no worries! With the optional E-Bike computer you can limit any of our systems to street legal limit in seconds!