DEMO HPC Typhoon 4000W High Performance Electric Bike w/ Upgraded World Cup Suspension + MORE!

$9,295.00 $5,500.00 (You save $3,795.00)
Weight: 110.00 LBS
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Shipping Cost: $500.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

We are selling this DEMO upgraded Typhoon 4.0. This unit has less than 500 total miles and has been completely rebuilt from the bare frame up to ensure everything meets our factory specifications.  With its ultra powerful 4000W power system, there is not a hill this bike will not climb! You will be grinning ear to ear as you silently power your way up and over anything. This particular bike features a highly upgraded Rock Shox Boxxer World Cup fork and Vivid R2C Air and upgraded high torque 4000W electric system for an unmatched riding experience. This particular bike was dyno'd at an impressive 159 lb/ft of torque!

The HPC Typhoon is part electric bike, part dirt bike, and an AWESOME combination of both! With the insane amount of torque available from the powerful mid driven hub motor, the Typhoon can conquer all types of trails and exceedingly steep terrain!  With 240 Nm of torque measured at the rear tire, you can be sure the Typhoon will get you to the top of the hill without any drama, and best of all- you can ride any time of the day since the Typhoon is nearly silent!  No more waking up the neighbors for your late night adrenaline rush.

This awesome off-road beast is ready to tame any trail and is extremely powerful and fun to ride! No other electric bike is more capable or fun off road.  MSRP was $9,295 but you can save $3900 and not have to wait the normal 6 weeks build time.  This will come with our standard HPC 3 month warranty (standard 3 year limited warranty can be purchased for $1000). 

Upgrades ($3000 over standard Typhoon 4.0)

Suspension: Rock Shox Boxxer World Cup Fork $1600)

Battery: 86V 15AH ($600)

Charger: 4A Charger ($200)

Kickstand: $250

Brakes: Magura MT7 Quad Piston ($400)


Top Speed: 35+ mph

Range: 35+ miles  (170lb rider, flat ground, 18mph,  no pedaling).  Typical no pedal range in more aggressive use is about 20-25 miles.

MSRP: $9245

SALE: $5500 (SAVE $3800)


Upgrades Available:

Power Upgrade 1: 5000W Performance Upgrade ($500)

Power Upgrade 2: 6000W Extreme Performance Upgrade ($1000)

Key Switch Ignition: Upgrade the controller to a key switch ignition integrated into the frame ($100)

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