DEMO Custom Typhoon 2500W w/ Upgraded High Torque Motor + Super Range 42AH Battery System + More!

$9,995.00 $5,295.00 (You save $4,700.00)
Weight: 115.00 LBS
Shipping Cost: $500.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

We built this awesome Typhoon for a customer to get far into the back country to take some breathtaking photography.  Since he was a professional photographer and had limited mobility in his legs, we build a custom power system with high torque motor and high torque gearing so he was able to reliably go in the back country without worry about getting stuck. Unfortunately, due to illness he is forced to sell it. The customer took excellent care of his prized possession and only put 534 total miles on the system!   We have taken this Typhoon in and completely re-built it from the ground up so it is in perfect working order for the next person who owns it!

This Typhoon was custom made for climbing power with a higher torque motor and extra gearing to cap this at the legal limit for a class 2 electric bike (20 mph). This Typhoon has great climbing power and acceleration! The massive 52V 42AH battery offers the most range we can fit on the Typhoon to bring you farther back into the wild than almost any other bike! As with all our demos, this will come with our 3 month comprehensive demo warranty! 

Upgrades ($4100 over standard Typhoon 2.0)

Suspension: Rock Shox Boxxer ($500)

Battery: 52V 42AH High Capacity Battery ($2500)

Charger: 6A Charger ($300)

Kickstand: $250

Power System: High Torque 2500W System ($500)

Tire Liner: $50


Top Speed: 20+ mph

Range: 75+ miles  (170lb rider, flat ground, 18mph,  no pedaling).  Typical no pedal range in more aggressive use is about 20-25 miles.

MSRP: $9995

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