DEMO 2016 HPC Revolution 6.0 High Performance Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike w/ Upgrades

$11,995.00 $8,995.00 (You save $3,000.00)
Weight: 88.00 LBS
Shipping Cost: $250.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

The HPC Revolution is our premier product here at Hi-Power Cycles. What you see here is a product that has been over two years and five prototypes in the making.  No costs were spared in making the ultimate Freeride/DH electric bike on the market. The Revolution is hand welded and 100% built here in the United States. It is designed to be the fastest, most nimble, lightest weight and most powerful downhill electric bike available anywhere. It all started with a handbuilt 6061-T6 Aluminum frame that is hand welded one at a time by a highly esteemed Aerospace welder here in Los Angeles, CA.

Our group of engineers for this project are experts in bicycle and moto geometry, as well as suspension performance. This amount of R&D, lab and field testing, and suspension tuning puts the Revolution head and shoulders above its competition.  There is not one off the shelf part for this frame, all parts- including bottom bracket, headtube, swingarm, shock mounts, seat tube, etc. are made from CNC Aluminum in low quantity. At only 12.8 lbs, the Revolution frame is the lightest of its type in the industry! We are beyond proud to build this bike from scratch here in the USA. 

This demo is one of the few Revolutions that have the 6.0 electric system on it. This one is loaded with a three speed switch, high output Thunderbolt 6.0 air cooled motor, magura Mt5 quad piston braking system + 86V 15AH high performance battery system. We have totally striped this bike down to its bare bones and rebuilt it again from the ground up to be sure everything matches our manufacture specs! The battery in the bike is brand new and has not been used! As it sits, it has 395 miles of street use and is in excellent condition. It will come with 2 extra sets of tires as well. MSRP is over $11,995 so now is your time to get this for a fraction of the price!


Top Speed: 60+ mph


Range: *50 miles  (170lb rider, flat ground)


MSRP: $11995


SALE: $8995


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