1500W Mid Drive Conversion System

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Our 1500W Mid Drive system with internal sine wave controller is unbelievably smooth and quiet!  Featuring massive torque output of 130-140 ft lbs, even the 1500W mid drive out torques our enormous 6000W hub motor.  If you want the heaviest duty, most robust and quietest mid drive system, the 1500W is a great choice.  Since you have access to all the gears on the back of your bicycle, this one motor can be a high speed screamer and torque monster all in one compact package.

These units include the follwing: 1) custom programming (these offer up to 9 speed of pedal assist, a throttle only mode, and ability to use the full power throttle in any pedal assist mode)  2) Maximized power output with 30A internal sine wave controller 3) Extended Speed Sensor Cable 4) Custom Anodized Aluminum Spider with high quality single speed anodized crank + custom mounting hardware. We have added more torque than the stock system allowing the system to run cooler and more efficient with minimized chain issues.

HPC 1500W Mid Drive System

  • Custom Single Speed 42T sprocket
  • Throttle Only Mode
  • 7 Levels of Pedal Assist with Throttle override in every level of PAS
  • Helical gears for quiet, smooth operation
  • Internal Controller (sealed, very water resistant)
  • Waterproof Connectors
  • Fits standard 68mm or 73mm bottom brackets
  • Upgraded C961 LCD screen (Shows relative battery level, assist level, speed, distance)
  • Plug and Play (Note: you will need a matching battery connector) 
  • Motor/BB Assembly Weight: ~12 Pounds

What's Included?

  1. HPC 52V, 21ah NMC Battery System
  2. 3a Charger
  3. Choice of Battery Bag System (we recommend our exclusive frame bags)
  4. HPC Mid Drive System
  5. C965 LCD Screen w/ Power Button and assist level selector
  6. L+R Crank Arms
  7. HPC Custom Crank Setup (Red or Blue)
  8. L + R Brake levers w/ cutoff for more torque!
  9. Thumb Throttle (can mount on left or right side)
  10. Wiring Harness
  11. Mounting Hardware


Performance Stats

750W- 37V NMC battery system, 25 mph top speed, 22 miles maximum range. ~85 Lb-Ft of torque at tire

1200W- 48V NMC battery system, 28 mph top speed, 30+ miles maximum range. ~110 Lb-Ft of torque at tire

1500W- 52V NMC battery system, 32+ mph top speed, 32+ miles maximum range. ~130 Lb-Ft of torque at tire

2200W- 52V NMC battery system, 35+ mph top speed, 32+ miles maximum range. ~160 Lb-Ft of torque at tire

*Top speed measured on a full battery with 170 lb rider on flat ground, two way average. 

**Max Range measured starting with a full battery on flat ground, 170 lb rider, no wind, two way average.


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